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100% editable front end.
Unlimited products, you own the scripts
Ability to have pricing tiers for groups of customers
Custom pricing for tiers and individual members
Product coupons, can be limited by time and locked to a specific customer
Secure download system, sell electronic products
Update support for downloadable products, you can have recurring fees for updates
Low stock notifications, emailed and/or in your admin area
Shipping services that can be determined by weight and location of shipping address
Automated location detection with IP databases
Automated detection of tax rates and currencies based on location
View current/abandoned carts and possibly recover lost sales
On site blogs that can be used to promote products
Setup email sales funnels that automatically contact potential clients on an ongoing basis
Conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys
Product reviews
Product categories and tags and visitors will be able to search your site for products
Product bundles
Additional discounts on other products based on what people have in their carts
Separate affiliate and member accounts
Additionally you can collect emails for newsletters with unlimited lists
Choice of plain text, MD5 or blowfish hashed passwords
Automated account signup with optional Email verification
Automated account cancellation, password reset and editing
Optional emails to members/affiliates if they edit or delete their account
Failed login viewer
Mass Email members, newsletter subscribers or affiliates
Supports PayPal and Payza
Optional Email verification of PayPal and Payza addresses if they are different than the account Email
Visitor online statistics
Logging of product views and searching
Advertising campaign tracking for affiliates, members and the site administrator. Track hits and sales
Ability to split traffic between campaigns/landing pages, see what gets the best results
Logging of affiliate hits with referrer
Link/banner/email advertising
Software key generator
You can choose to have clients upload files when they are ordering.
XML Sitemaps with pinging of major search engines
Password protected administration area with the ability to have sub admins.
Very easy to use.
Many more great features!
Instant delivery via E-mail

Your server must have PHP, cron jobs and MySQL installed, your server must also have ionCube. If you do not meet these requirements, we can host it for you for $12.00 per month. If you host your site with us the first month will be free!


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To order this script, please start the process by entering the URL where the script will be installed.

We offer a flexible system that offers you the ability to sell both physical and digital products. Simple products can be sold or people can give you information and even upload files if you are selling a product that is completely unique to them.

Physical Products

For physical products customers can enter their shipping addresses and choose what shipping service they use. Different postage plans can be entered containing the name of the shipping service, cost and weight. Product weights can be entered to calculate the cost when the items are being ordered.

When items are sent to postage services you can enter tracking IDs and the date that the products were sent so you can keep your customers informed.

Your system can keep track of how much stock you have and reduce it as sales come in. Different types of bar codes can be entered for example Universal Product Codes which may be helpful for keeping track of stock. The administration of your store can view products with low stock from their administration area and/or they can be Emailed when stock is low for a particular product.

Digital Products and Services

For digital products you can offer exclusive downloads; this can be in form of a file or in form of embedded audio, video or an image. Images can have rotating abilities and media items can be hosted on other servers too.

If you offer downloads you can publish different versions and give your customers free upgrades for a certain number of days and charge them when their free updates expire. License keys for software packages can also be automatically generated.

Advertisements on your site can also be sold if you want to do that, most stores choose not to do this but we prefer to make our system flexible. The advertisements can be banner images, plain text links and Emails to your customers or newsletter subscribers. All necessary information for the advertisements can be collected as part of our ordering system.

Most digital products can be delivered automatically or you can choose to manually approve orders.

Our system can even sell event tickets

Event tickets can also be sold. Ticket numbers can be automatically generated and customers can print their tickets.

Sell locally

Different tax plans are possible for each country. For example if you need to add VAT for countries in the Euro or GST for New Zealand your store can be configured to do that. If you want to display prices in local currencies it can be done and conversion rates can automatically update.

Get paid around the clock

Payments can be received by your store at anytime from payment processors. Email addresses for sites such as PayPal or Payza can optionally be verified if you want added protection from fraudulent orders.

Give your visitors previews

Public galleries including audio and videos can also be made available to ensure that your customers have a good chance to preview your products.

Ensure your products are found

Products can be grouped into categories and you can list the categories on your site. Visitors can also search for products and you can additionally add tags to products so they show up in different keywords.

Give discounts and upsells

Our system allows you to give out discounts codes for people to enter on your site. They can either be permanent or can expire on a specific date and time which you can use if you want to drive sales from time sensitive offers. Your customers can even have discount codes that are unique to them, you can use this to reward your most loyal customers.

If you offer wholesale pricing selected customer accounts can be on different pricing tiers. It is possible to set individual prices for your products and services for your customers on a particular pricing tier and even for individual customer accounts.

Upsells are possible; you can offer items when people are ordering certain products. Bundles for items are also available; this is another way to sell multiple products sold at once.

Have others bring in sales

You can have affiliate accounts on your site if you want to pay people a percentage of the revenue from your products if they bring in sales. Graphics such as banners can be provided for them to use on their website and they can also receive descriptions, image packs and videos to use in their campaigns.

Affiliates can enter their preferred method of payment and enter their payment details. You can choose which methods of payment that you offer and all of the information that you deem necessary can be collected by the system.

For some payment methods such as PayPal, a mass payment file can be downloaded to pay multiple affiliates at once or a list of individual accounts is available and the system can take you to the payment processor for each person that needs to be paid. Customers can also have affiliate features in their account if you choose to allow this.

Your products can have social media sharing links so visitors can easily share them. This may lead to increased sales.

Track the campaigns for your site

Your affiliates, administrators and customers can track different campaigns so they know exactly where sales are coming from. For the administration they can track the number of customers, affiliates and newsletter subscribers as well as the estimated amount of profit from the products.

The administration can choose to conduct split campaigns which allows you to distribute traffic coming from campaigns between multiple pages on your site. This can be useful for testing what converts visitors into customers. Each page can have its own set of campaign statistics that can be used to track how effective is the page.

Different landing pages can be created for your products and they can be combined with the campaign tracking feature so you can constantly test pages and see your best performing pages.

Be found on search engines

All product and category pages can be search engine friendly; you can define the URLs that are on your site. Titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions can be entered which can help with search engine rankings. Thorough product descriptions can also assist in getting a top ranking for your product pages; our system can hold thousands of words for each product description.

Our system is compatible with the standard XML sitemap protocol which search engines fetch from your site to find the most important pages on your site.

Product information can be exported to listing sites such as and Google Merchant so people can find your products when shopping at other websites.

Start a blog

Your store will come with a blog which can be useful to gain additional search engine traffic. Search engines like to rank comprehensive blog posts these days. You can have blog posts with thousands of words without the need for multiple administration areas.

Get valuable information

If customer feedback is important to you surveys can be conducted from your site so you can receive valuable information from your customers and/or regular visitors to your website. You don't have to restrict surveys to be about products on your site, there are no limits.

Customers can also give your feedback with product reviews on your website. They can give products an overall rating then write a review. Good reviews may encourage potential customers that are on your site to make a purchase with you.

Product search logging can also be used to pinpoint keywords that people are using so you can integrate them in your product descriptions. This could enable you to get more traffic from search engines.

Keep in touch with your customers

You can send your customers Emails which is can be part of your sales strategy. Previous customers will often make future purchases. Emails can be automatically scheduled to go out at particular times.

Your store can maintain different newsletters. Additional names and Emails addresses can be collected without the need for people to have a login on your website. This can be used to convert more people into customers.

Visitors and customers can contact you with a contact form on your site.

Potential customers can even be automatically contacted when they put items in their cart but didn't go through with their purchase. Contacting people with abandoned carts can be a great way to get more sales. Your store may contact them with a coupon and/or ask if they have further questions.

For your security

Passwords for both the administration area and the customer interface can be securely hashed in your system. Two factor logins are possible; people can get an Email or a text after they login before they get access to their account. People can also choose to answer random questions when they login if they want additional security if you choose to enable this feature.

Most of the activity on your site can be logged including but not limited to administration actions, member actions, blog hits and visits to your site. The different types of logging can be enabled and disabled as you need it.

Failed logins can also be logged for members. For administrators you can receive an Email if someone tries to login to the administration area and fails.

Our system can integrate with major IP to country databases to give you additional information about the visitors to your site. You can view detailed logs but also very simple information such as the number of visitors that are currently on your site.

Management of your site will be easy

You and your staff can have access to an administration area which can be used to change different settings for your site and do critical tasks such as process orders for those that are not automatically processed. It also allows you to manage customers, products, administrators and more.

We provide full documentation for your administration area. You can have as many administrators of your site as needed and restrict them to certain sections of your site. Many stores will only need one administrator to maintain their site.

All pages of your site can be edited by you or a designer. It is possible to implement a stunning template for your store so more people will be inclined to buy from you.

Your customers can also manage their own accounts; they can sign up to your site, edit their account or delete their account from your site. If they lose their password they can reset it; as part of the process they can answer personal questions to ensure that it is really them. They can receive Emails if they update or delete their account to provide them with additional security and confirmation.

Your customers can put items on their wish list if they want to make purchases at a later date.

If you eventually want to expand your site in future the searches and searches can be logged and this can be used if you want to offer

Are you ready to revolutionize your online sales?

As you can see our software is feature and is designed to help not only sell but also give you information to utilize to increase your sales over time. We will listen to our customers so if you need a feature that will increase profits for sites that use our software we may add it to our system. Order our superior software today.

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